Gemstone and Crystal Meaning


Alexandrite: “Stone of Manifestation” – Expedite change, manifestation, and alignment of mental / emotional / etheric bodies creating a balanced emotional state.

Amazonite: Love, Balance, Soothing. Eliminates aggravation and soothes emotional process. Enhances love. Nerves.

Amethyst: Spirituality, Contentment, Meditation. “The Soul Stone” – Aids in anchoring inner harmony, can be used to clear other stones, if there is a willingness aids in release from addictions, calming, aids in “letting go”, can replace night terrors with sweet dreams.

amethyst in 18K Gold Hinge Earring

Angel Aura Quartz: If you are looking to align your mind, body, and spirit, aura Quartz may be the stone for you. It's said to bring peace and harmony throughout the body and heal the past wounds that you may still be recovering from. Combining aura quartz with metal supposedly strengthens the circulatory and immune systems and removes blocks that are damaging your energy's fluidity.

Apatite (green): Hunger suppression, stimulates intellect, develops clairvoyance, enhances creativity, and clears mental confusion.

Aquamarine: Courage. Protection. Awareness. “Stone of Courage” – Emanates peace, physical / emotional / mental relaxant, reduces fear, and promotes tolerance and clear thinking.

Faceted Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Pave Diamond (1.32c) on Small Gold Plate GV Chain (16"+1.75")

Azurite: “Stone of Heaven” – Impeccable 5th Chakra Stone. Allows one to feel the presence and understand the message of speaking the truth.

Carnelian: Protection, Strength, Stabilizing. Clears negative energy and sorrows. Protects against fear and rage. Energy stabilizing. 

Carnelian, Diamonds, Faceted Blue Topaz Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain & 14K Gold W/ Rhodium Sterling Silver Chain & Diamond Clasp (18") (1.71C)

Celestite: ”Stone of the Angels” – Clears mental clutter, peace of mind, stress reduction, helps adjust to higher states of awareness.

Citrine: Optimism, Wealth, Cleansing. Cheerfulness, overcome mental blocks, attracts abundance, cleanses and purifies toxins, anti-cranky. Clears aura fields. Stimulates intuitive self. Promotes optimism and abundance. 

Coral: Intuition, Regeneration, Connections. Intuition and visualization. Aids communication with past masters. Circulation and tissue.

White Coral Set in Sterling Silver W/ Raw Diamonds on Matte Small GV Chain & Diamond Clasp Necklace (33"+2.5")

Diamond: A stone of Light and a symbol of perfection and illumination, activating the Crown and Etheric chakra.  It enhances inner vision, stimulates creativity, imagination and opens the mind to the new and possible.  Place a diamond on the Third Eye to encourage psychic development.  It is a stone which assists in manifesting abundance and amplifies energies, goals and intent.  Strength, innocence, endurance and a loving nature. It is a symbol of purity, love and fidelity and embraces strength of character, ethics and and faithfulness to self and others.

Rose Cut Diamond (5.2C) in Sterling Silver On Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain  Choker & Diamond Lobster Clasp (19")

Emerald: Memory enhancement. Balances mind/emotions/spirit. Inspiring and relaxing.

Diamond, Yellow Topaz, Tsavorite, Emerald (2C Diamond) On Gold Plate over Sterling chain & Gold Plate Over Sterling Diamond Lobster Clasp (16" + 4.5")

Fluorite: Order, Balance, Healing. “Stone of the Mind” – Aids comprehension and decision making, discourages mental chaos. Helps stabilize energy to bring order in mental-emotional-physical and spiritual realms.

Garnet: Health, Commitment, Purification. Aids in accessing higher states of consciousness while allowing one to begin to “see” the “unseen world”. Adds commitment to purpose. Removes negative energy from Chakras. Moderate pain relief, blood disorders.

Faceted Garnet Macramé Earrings on Diamond Post (5.5")

Hematite: Grounding. Enhances will and courage. Assists with healing sprains, strains and bruises, Physical vitality.

Matte Silver Hematite, Diamond & Sterling Cage Tassel w/ Matte Sterling Curb Chain & Diamond Lobster Clasp 32"+ 8.5"

Herkimer Diamond: GV's Branding stone.  A connection to the Divine and a blessing to the wearer. Lodestone. Order. Balance. “Attunement Stone” – useful for attuning to another person, group or environment.  They manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy.  Exceptional healing crystals.  The most powerful of all quartz crystals. Perfect conduits of Universal Life Force. Focus mental capabilities. Dissolves negativity. 

Herkimer Diamond & Faceted Moonstone Macramé Earring on Rose cut Diamond Posts ( 5.5")

Kunzite: Balance, Healing, Meditation. “Stone of Tranquility” – soothing, calming, aids in transition, assists in hospice situations

Labradorite: Spectrolite, Transforms, Healing. Develops psychic abilities, relieves exhaustion caused from overwork. Transformation of intuition and thought. Clears and balances auras.

Faceted Labradorite Beads, Hematite rings & Diamond Clasp w/ Frosted Sterling & Diamond Ganesha Pendant (18"+ 2.5")

Lapis: Awareness, Connection, Creativity. Connects physical and celestial realms. Expands intuitive, physical and creative potential.

Malachite: Intuition, Balancing,  Transform. Spiritual evolution. Activates all Chakras to stimulate and enhance psychic abilities. Courage, aids release of limiting habit patterns.

18K Gold Medallion, Brilliant cut Champagne Diamond & Malachite Pendant 2"

Moldavite: Astral travel, Amplifier, Healing. Channeling interdimensional sources, catalyst for important life changes.

Moonstone: Cleansing, Attainment, Healing. Cleanses negativity from Chakras. Destiny fulfillment. PMS, female health and birth.

Moonstone Cabachon in Matte Sterling Silver (15.5C) Ring

Morganite: “The Heart Stone” – Activate, cleanse and stimulates heart Chakra, stimulate wisdom.

Obsidian: Apache Tears, Reflection, Grounding, Powerful teacher, disciplinarian, let go of old ways, sharpen inner vision. Shield against negativity. Grief.

Onyx: Protection, Projection, Defensive. Worn for all kinds of battle, conflict and psychic attack. Reduces sexual impulses. 

18K Gold & Single Cut Diamond ( 0.60 C) Evil eye on Onyx Pendant 1.25"

Peridot: Protection, Cleansing, Healing. Protective shield around body. Stimulates and cleans heart and navel Chakras. Heart, lungs. 

Diamond Peridot & Amethyst Earrings in 14K Gold & Silver (3.5")

Quartz: Symbol of purity and infinity, growth and clarity; Heightens perceptions, psychic awareness, and intuitive insight; Balance / harmonize aura; Revitalize / restore energy flow in body; Enhances meditation, atonement to higher self; excellent for general healing.

Raw Crystal Raw Diamond Rock Quartz Crystals Necklace

Rose Quartz: Self-love, self-esteem.  The love stone.  Unconditional love, joy, warmth, joy and emotional healing.  Opens heart to compassion.

Rutilated Quartz: Communication, Growth, Astral Travel. Aids one in spiritual growth and "communication with the gods"

Black Rutilated Quartz Ring

Tourmalinated Quartz: Breaking, Patterns, Strength. Helps one to eliminate negative behaviors. Balances the whole body.

Smoky Quartz: Grounding, Purifying, Relaxing. Aids in grounding and calming. Dissipates and purifies negativity.

Smoky Quartz Conflict Free Diamond Necklace

Ruby: Helps you to become the person you are meant to be, through this you will find yourself attracting the type of people you want in your life. Can add grace, style, and elegance to your life.

Ruby Diamond Faceted Pyrite Bracelet

Sapphire: Prosperity, Clarity, Healing. Rids unwanted thoughts. Brings joy and peace. Fulfills dreams, brings wealth.

Sapphire Diamond 14K Gold Earrings

Selenite: Awareness, Flexibility, Healing. “Stone of the Light” – Calls in the highest vibrational frequency of white light. Use for clearing and cleansing of one’s space, mind and other crystals. Keeper of the goddess teachings, Works well on anything bone or muscle related.

Topaz: Love, Success, Creativity. Forms individuality and creativity. Replaces negativity with love. Enhances understanding, tissue regeneration.

Blue London Topaz Hinge Earrings (10.12C) in 14K Gold

Tourmaline: Relieves fatigue, anemia, increases success and love. Brings inspiration and confidence.

     -Green: Healing, Transformation, Psychic. Provides energy conduit for healing. Promotes visualization and attunement.

     -Blue: Communication, Awareness, Intuition. Activates throat and Third Chakras. Facilitates higher levels of intuition. 

     -Black: Protection, Creativity, Grounding: Deflects and dispels negativity. Links First Chakra to earths' center.

     -Watermelon: Energizing, Healing. Activates and stimulates Heart Chakra. Heals the heart and emotional system. 

Turquoise: Protection, Healing, Balance. Protects and balances spiritual and physical bodies. Master healer. Dissipates negativity.

14K Yellow Gold, Turquoise & Diamond Lady bug Pendant ( 1.5") (0.40C)

Zircon: Gives one the awareness of self-judgment and allows one to break that pattern. Allows one to experience one’s true self. Great for gridding.


*The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service. Please see your physician for any ailments.

**Information gathered from, Sacred Wisdom Chart #5 and other sources

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