A Letter From Gretchen

Dearest Community,


It appears that we are all together (yet isolated) at a time in history that has opened our eyes more fully than ever before.  Opened our eyes to the fragility we live in as a global society—as well as our dependency on one another for our collective survival, safety, health…well, for our existence.  Those who know me well, know of my deep and unwavering belief in our complete interconnectedness.  That there is not one single thing which can be separated from the other (even despite our quarantine). 


This reality cuts two ways, one quite challenging and the other, spine tinglingly inspiring.  Among the challenges are to retain our empathy despite our divisiveness, fear, anxiousness and vulnerability. The inspiring will help us do just that.  Together.  Stronger.  United.  We see ourselves become more grateful, generous, and compassionate..


This gives me, and I hope you, peace.


This time also makes it so important to acknowledge all who support and serve us (for our survival or for simply, our happiness).


For me and this small, artisan design business (my second family) that means enormous gratitude for those that I cannot do without:  Shobha, Beth, the photographers, models, suppliers, manufacturers, shippers, retailers, sales team, media, online resources and my dear partner, Robert.  And you, my supporters, customers, stores, followers and those who cheer me on.  Thank you.  Thank you so very much.  You fill me in ways that you will never imagine, and my gratitude for you overflows.


For the health care professionals, grocers, scientists, media (yes, media), restaurants, servers, first responders, government workers (yes, government), farmers, delivery people, electricians, trucking companies and drivers….the list can go on and on.  We are in historical debt.  We count on you.  We support you.  We are grateful for you.


This is a time that none of us have experienced before.  I know we will be there for each other.  Moving forward, we will be defined by our vision, character, service, creativity, generosity and connectedness.  Faith over fear.  Generosity over hoarding.  Kindness over judgement. 


Stay safe, and know, that this too, shall pass. 


My virtual arms and heart hold each and every one of you in peace and community.



Gretchen Ventura

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